BIOGRAPHY Patrick   Kinn   was   born   in   Paris   in   1955.   He   has   lived   in   Montréal   since   2006.   Patrick shares   his   time   between   the   creation   of   unique   fine   furniture   pieces,   and   his   natural vocation as a painter. After   studying   at   the   “École   Boulle”   (Art   school,   Paris),   Patrick   was   supposed   to   work in   commercial   architecture,   but   he   rapidly   changed   his   mind   and   decided   to   work   as an   industrial   designer.   He   spent   30   years   in   the   service   of   companies   and   brands where he won prestigious prizes in Paris and Tokyo. Patrick   chose   to   settle   down   in   Montréal   to   pursue   his   passion   of   creating   unique furnishings   and   brushing   his   point   of   view   on   canvas.   He   pushed   his   technique   of painting   to   the   extreme   precision   of   hyper-realism,   using   all   available   techniques   in search of perfection. Today,   Patrick   releases   the   pressure   and   lets   his   brush   work   on   the   canvas   at   the   risk of   leaving   the   normal   path   of   academic   art,   which   was   his   daily   routine   for   so   long.   He still   keeps   some   habits   of   his   industrial   designer   career   :   the   perspective   and   the respect   of   the   building   and   proportions   are   still   very   important-   while   he   even   allows himself sometimes a hyper-realistic glance... just for fun.
intersection 12x12 le cycliste 12x12 NY by night 12x12 radio city 12x12 yellow wave 12x12 only bus 20x20 broadway 20x20 the blue square 24x30 manhattan 24x30 just in time 60x30 night in manhattan 30x24 it’s raining again 40x40 as a bird 60x36 be careful 48X36 chevrolet 62 48x24 rue du trésor QUEBEC 60x30 london traffic 48x36 Pinkney street BOSTON 48x24 place du tertre 48x36 rue saint-paul 60x30 saint-anne québec 20x10 sur la 5 th 48x36 taxis sur la 5 th 48x36 ombres et lumières 48x36 MK 40x40 MANON 20x20 pause à time square 60x30 broadway 48x36 ombres et lumières 36x48 automne à manhattan 48x36 yellow yellow 20x20 traffic 20x20 rush hour in Time Square 60x30 coke 48x36 radio city 30x30 smog 12x12 citroën traction  60x30 traffic 12x12 manhattan taxis 48x36 new york symbols 48x36 radio city 2 48x36 big apples 36x48 tussauds 12x12 all shook up 12x12 rush hour 12x12 New York 2155 36x48 apocalypse 1.0 24x24 Corentin 30x30 Olivia 20x20 apocalypse 2.0 48x36 broadway NYC 48x30 nature is back 48x36 let’s go to the theater 36x48 276 5th avenue 36x48 traffic 20 x 20 le livreur 60 x 30 automne à Manhattan 48 x 36 la file 20 x 20 15.2 12 x 12 17.5 12x12 pause a TIME SQUARE rue ST LOUIS QUEBEC 36x30 pont JACQUES CARTIER 40x40 désolation 60x30 effondrement 30x30 WWW.KOYMANGALLERIES.COM WWW.KOYMANGALLERIES.COM WWW.GALERIE-PERREAULT.COM WWW.GALERIE-PERREAULT.COM PATRICK.KINN@HOTMAIL.COM PATRICK.KINN@HOTMAIL.COM conception du site MAGEODESIGN conception du site MAGEODESIGN
CONTACT You can contact me by email for informations. Patrick KINN
WWW.EMKAPHOTOGRAPHE.COM WWW.EMKAPHOTOGRAPHE.COM christmas on Park Avenue  48x36 Queen Street Toronto  20x20 behind the ByWard Market  30x30 parliament Hill 60x30 the old town 48x36 Manhattan 60x30 the old town 3 40x40 the old town 2 40x40 first snow 18x14 dusk 48x36 automn street 3  12x12 street 2  12x12 street 1  12x12